1. How do I use the Prepaid Internet Service or Lavaspot?

  1. Make sure your laptop is Wireless compatible
  2. Find a Hotspot or Lavaspot zone
  3. Purchase a Lavacard (available online, CSL main office or registered Lavasites)
  4. Open your web browser.
  5. Enter the Username & Password and go online.

2. How do I check my prepaid account balance?

To view your account usage and balance:

  1. Go to www.csl.ws
  2. Click the My Account link
  3. Click the Check Usage link
  4. Enter your username and password

3. When does the timer stop running against my account?

The timer on your account stops as soon as you click "Logout Here" from the Lavaspot exit window. Type www.lavaspot.ws/exit in your web browser, if you have accidentally closed the exit popup window.. 
Note: Disconnecting from Lavaspot network does not mean you have Logged out.

4. Can I extend the expiry date?

No. The Username/Password will expire at midnight on the date shown on your Lavaspot Card.

5. I think there’s a problem with coverage at a Lavaspot area. What should I do?

The connection between your device and the internet is made via a radio signal, which can be affected by a number of external factors. Samoa.WS has made every effort to ensure that you experience the best quality service, however if you are having problems please call us on +685 24159 and let us know, so we can investigate the situation.

6. How secure is the service?

While Samoa.WS has done rigorous testing on Lavaspot, it cannot guarantee protection against viruses, the interception or misuse of your data or other harmful occurrences. Samoa.WS strongly recommends you protect your computing device.

7. How do I get more information?

Please contact our Call Centre +685 20926 during the following office hours:

Monday-Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 8.30am - 12.00pm

8. How do I log out?

This is easy to do. Simply maximize your login window and select "logout". If you have closed this window, type www.samoa.ws/exit at the Http://windows, which will bring back your login window, then select "logout".

9. Lavaspot. Wifi Hotspot. What's the difference?

Nothing really. Lavaspot is a Wifi hotspot meaning you can use any Wifi compatible device to connect to Lavaspot and get fast wireless internet.

10. How to become a Lavaspot Access Point

  1. Contact Lavaspot Helpdesk at email helpdesk@csl.ws
  2. A contract agreement will be provided for customer to review and sign.
  3. A technician will arrange to assess signal (reception) at customer's premises
  4. Installation will be completed upon approval of site assessment and criteria.
    (Installation time frames are dependent on work schedules but we aim to complete within 2-5 days from date of approval)